Class in a Box Restock Bundle

Class in a Box Restock Bundle

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Time to teach another class? Restock your SOC™ Class in a Box! 

The ultimate resource for sharing SOC™ with others in a class setting!

Developed by Boyd Truman, SOC™ Class In a Box includes top SOC™ products that make it easy to prepare for and host a class.

(5) Digestive App. Pass-Along Cards

(5) Respiratory App. Pass-Along Cards

(5) C2 App. Pass-Along Cards

(5) Inflammatory App. Pass-Along Cards

(5) Forgiveness App. Pass-Along Cards

(5) Purpose App. Pass-Along Cards

(10) "What Is SOC™” Trifolds

(10) "Intro to SOC™ Applications" Trifolds

(20) Invites


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